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My properties have all been managed by Lobster Lettings for the past 3.5 years. I have seen nothing but improvements as the company has continued to grow from strength to strength. The service is good, speedy & reliable. I havent had a void period in 3 years and even when my tenants have got in to financial difficulty, the situation has been handled promptly, efficiently and resolved by the team. I would have no issues recommending Lobster Lettings to any one who is looking for a good agent.
Mr G Thom, Knutsford.
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Lobster Events

Property Management and Letting Agents

The team at Lobster Lettings regularly take part in events both team building & charity focused.  We are delighted to be able to share these with you, our customers, and invite you to get involved and support us.  We will update this page regularly to keep you all informed with upcoming events.  That way, you can get fully behind your favourite Lobster Property Manager or Letting Agent & give them some support.



Today’s the day! Wills and Kate say I do and become our Prince & Princess.   We are very excited (if Im honest, probably more so because we all get a day off and get to party like there is no tomorrow – and David Cameron has famously authorised all street parties – so we took that as a golden ticket to party hard!)

So… Lobster are having a street party today!   We’ve got a 30ft bouncy castle slide coming, as well as so much food and drink we could feed a small country!  We’ll be partaking in egg and spoon races, amongst a variety of other fun and games.  We’ll upload pics shortly!

Well done Wills & Kate for giving us a good excuse for a knees up! Oh and have a wonderful Wedding day!!!

Love Lobster Lettings xx


24 Hour Challenge!!

The challenge:

Lobster Lettings have teamed up with "Team Academy" and have signed up to take part in an amazing team building, development challenge called the 24 hour challenge.

3 of Lobster Lettings finest are taking themselves off to Preston on Friday 25th March  to a secret location, where they will be set a Massive "Apprentice" style challenge that will take them out of their comfort zones, put them under immense pressure and teach them huge skills for personal development.  They will be grilled and watched for 24 hours, whilst they conduct the challenge and at the same time are up against 3 other teams from other companies, with the aim of winning the challenge overall.

Representing Lobster Lettings are Claire Moffitt, Maria Fieldhouse and Louise Foster.  Come on Lobsters!! You can do it!!


 24 hour challenge update!!

The girls are heading to Preston town centre to sell hand made products that they were up all night last night making! They have had to develop, create and now will sell the products today.  Most sold, wins this particular challenge.  Please get behind the Lobsters and get to Preston between 11-3pm to buy the items they have worked so hard to make.

24 hour challenge update 2!!

We will soon be uploading a link which shows our ladies advertising their products.  Please click on the link, because the team with the most clicks wins that particular challenge. Come on!! get clicking!!  then click on Lobster Loonies


Februrarys incentive was a brand new still in the box 42" LCD television.  Our boss thought it would look great in the board room for presentations, so wanted to keep it but was quickly vetoed! He put the TV up as an incentive for the most sales acheived this month.  The winner was......

MARIA!!  Well done Maria! and enjoy that TV.



Januarys incentive for the top sales person of the month was an all expenses paid Carribean Holiday for 2!!  The whole team worked their socks off to try and win the holiday and the all important title of "Top Sales Person of the month!", but the winner was.......

VIRGINIA!! Well done! and have a fantastic holiday!



The teams:

1) Gobbys Gang - Virginia, Dean, Cheryl & Mel  - we are holding a CHILLI PIZZA COMPETITION at Berkorellis, Wigan on Friday 19th November 2010 from 19:30!!  Come along and support us whilst we attempt to eat a full pizza stuffed with chillis!! Donate if you can, but if not, just show your support.  Take part and see if you too can beat the chilli pizza challenge!!
2) Lobster Legends - Lee, Karen, Maria & Claire - The Managers are doing a sponsored silence.. for a WHOLE DAY!! this may seem like an easy option.. but for those of you who know Maria, you'll understand this will be no mean feat!! ha ha
3) Tony's Tigers - Tony, Louise, Rebecca & Francesca - the Admin team are having a sponsored fancy dress all day on Thursday 19th November 2010. Its been a big secret all week as to what they are dressing up as, but we’ve no doubt it will be hilarious!!
4) BoomBastic!! - Denroy, Hazel, Rachel, Charlotte & Natalie - we are doing a sponsored Pyjama day!  YES!! SERIOUSLY!! They will be doing viewings and market appraisals ALL DAY in our pyjamas to raise money for Children In Need!!  Please dig deep and empty those copper jars... ANY donations you can give will be so much appreciated.
Well, we did it!!  WELL DONE LOBSTERS!!!  We've not finished counting the money that has been raised yet, but as soon as we do, we'll let you know. In the mean time, have a laugh at the photos...
 Tony's Tigers!                                   Tonys Tigers off round Wigan!           BoomBastic!
 Off to do viewings in pyjamas! Gobbys Gang at the pizza challenge.
The Winner of the Gobbys Gang Chilli Pizza challenge was Ben Jones in an amazing 3 mins 2 seconds!! Well done Ben.
Also a big thank you to Jonathan Hill who donated £40 on the night, which was the top donation by 1 person that night.

Well done Lobsters!!


The October Challenge

This month, we were all split in to teams:

Team A - Jolly Lobsters - Claire, Louise, Rebecca, Francesca, Tony

Team B - Moffitts Muppetts - Lee, Charlotte, Denroy, Mel, Hazel  

Team C - Veni, Vedi, Veci - Maria, Dean, Rachel, Janny, Virginia

Team D - Letting Divas - Karen, Sandra, Cheryl, Natalie

Each week, points were up for grabs for the most properties being let in each team.  20 points being the top score, 0 being the bottom!!  During the challenge, points were awarded accordingly and carried forward to the final event - a BOWLING & LASER QUEST competition, where the final 20 points would be up for grabs.  




Coming in to the final competition, Veni Vedi Veci were in the lead, with 45 points.  The final competition was crucial in terms of finding the ultimate winners!



         Some impressive bowling!                                                Rebecca scored 143! WOW!!



Ultimately, after a fantastic afternoon, Veni Vedi Veci where the winners of the competition, with a score of 65 points! Well done Maria, Dean, Janny, Rachel, & Virginia! Fantastic team effort!!